Remnants of a Dinner For Two


It was only a couple bowls of soup and two orders of sweet potato fries from a decent, non fast food restaurant. Left behind for hundreds of years are four plastic containers and lids (not structurally sound enough for a 2nd use), two non-compostable paper bags (one for each plastic soup container), many bags of ketchup, plastic cutlery, and one large plastic bag to carry all of the other bags and containers.It was convenient. We placed the order and paid online, and then went to pick it up without having to waste precious time at the counter. The staff was very friendly, and the food was good, but the horrific site of the waste was not worth the convenience, the good food, or the friendly experience.

Who is to blame? Mostly, ME! After all, they are catering to what they think I want...convenience, easy cleanup, and without any spills in my car. I should have assumed that they would not pack my food up in compostable packaging or give me an option to specify my preference to use my own containers through the web interface. If the option was available, I would gladly pay the difference in cost between earth destroying packaging and other alternate, more expensive options. I'd pay up to an extra $1 or $2. How about you?

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