Recycling Planet Green: Use up That Leftover Turkey

We recycle a few posts on Thanksgiving from an early beta Planet Green last year. Kelly Rossiter writes:

Barley Risotto with Turkey and Mushrooms

I test all of the recipes that I share with you on Planet Green, and my husband is the guinea pig I test them on. He is truly a good sport about trying anything, but I feel that perhaps I have been pushing his level of tolerance with the sheer amount of kale, lentils, and swiss chard I've been serving lately. A certain level of trepidation had entered his voice the other night when he asked, "What's for dinner?" When I enthusiastically replied "Barley!" there was that missed beat before he said "Great!"As it turned out, it was great. I didn't use turkey for this recipe, because my Thanksgiving is long over. I used fresh chicken, which worked perfectly. Feel free to use leftover turkey, fresh turkey or chicken. If you are vegetarian add a few more types of mushrooms, or maybe you have some Tofurky left over from yesterday to toss in. More on Planet Green

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