Record Amounts of Fish Consumed in 2008 - 80% of World's Fisheries Fully Exploited or Overfished


New data in from the UN FAO on the state of the world's fisheries. The verdict: Global consumption of fish reached an all time high in 2008 (the stats in these sort of reports are always a few years behind...) and about one-third of all the world's fisheries are overfished, depleted or in need of recovery.

Oceana sums it up well: "The world's appetite for fish continues to grow. Fish stocks, though? Not so much."As for the record amount of fish consumed: In 2008 the global average was 17.1 kilograms per person, increased from 16.9 kg/person in 2007.

As for overfishing: Beyond the third of the world's fisheries that are overexploited, etc., slightly more than half are "fully exploited"--meaning there is no room to expand fishing without taking more fish from the sea than can be naturally regenerated.

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