Readers, Send Us Your Fall Garden Photos!


Fall and winter gardening. Credit: sbocaj, CC 2.0

Is the soil in your garden still supporting summer vegetables like zucchinis and tomatoes? Have you prepared for fall frost and winter weather with help from your composted vegetables and other soil amendments? Is your fall harvest providing crisp cabbage, broccoli, or cauliflower? Have you begun to sow carrots and turnips? Prove it! We want to see photos of your winter garden preparation and planted gardens--indoors or out--for our next readers slideshow. Click through for details and if you missed it, view fall favorite Readers' Green Halloween Photos. Upload Photos: The Technical Stuff: Please send only jpeg files. Photographs should be no larger than 550 pixels wide, 72 dpi (that's sized for the web), and 200 KB or smaller. (Want to know more about sizing photos for the Web? Check out this helpful article, How to Resize photos for Email or the Web: A Step-by-Step Guide.)

What we're looking for: Photos of your fall garden and winter garden preparation. You can submit as many as like (though our upload tool will only accept five files per upload). Please include a description of the photograph, including location (town/city/county, state, and country, and an explanation as to why you submitted what you did, plus and any other tidbits that might dazzle us. Please include your name(s) if you'd like us to give you (and the photographer) credit.

Deadlines, deadlines! Please send your photos in by 11:59 pm on the night of Monday, November 9, 2009.

Submit already! Just go to our My Photos page to send us your pics. Thanks!

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