Raw, Organic, and Vegan Products and Food Online


If you live in New York, you have probably heard of Pure Food & Wine, the Gramercy culinary hotspot which dishes out critically-acclaimed raw, organic, and vegan fair. Turns out they also have an extensive online arm—One Lucky Duck—offering skin care products, clothing, and food. You guessed it, everything here is also raw, organic, and vegan. For example, Be Yummy Skin Food, a rich body cream made from honey, honey cappings, bee pollen, propolis, st. john's wort oil, royal jelly, purified water, and balsam fir needles (for fragrance). This sounds nice..but without preservatives .will you have a sticky mess in three months? "Honey, propolis, and balsam fir are the nature's best preservatives and antibiotics," the company assures us. The natural ingredients come at a price: One 4 ounce tub is $45. Other notables: Crystal Ally Spray Deodorant (a more reasonable $12.95), which reportedly stimulates lymphatic flow with essential oils from grapefruits and tangerines, and Raw Ice Cream (call for pricing and delivery), a dairy-free indulgence sweetened with raw agave nectar instead of processed, unnatural sugars. ::One Lucky Duck via ::Lucky Magazine