Raw Beauty — A Natural Luxury

Whenever you find someone with a love for food and a passion for cooking, you know you can't go wrong. That's exactly what inspired Janae Chang's company, Raw Beauty. After an adventure in culinary school and realizing that so many beauty products have lost their natural essence, Chang decided her main goal would be to establish superior, handmade products by using only the best of raw ingredients. Her second goal was to develop a brand that was fun, fresh and exciting for both the body and mind. We found in these cold winter months that we loooved the Birthday Suit Body Butter and Beauty Queen Facial Cream. Both were perfect solutions to our dry skin. The Body Butter is thicker than most moisturizers but gave us the extra kick of moisture we needed, especially on our elbows, feet and hands. Not to mention how much we enjoyed the delicious smell. The Facial Cream is lightweight, making it a nice base under makeup, and our face was left feeling soft and smooth but not greasy. It's created with jojoba oil, which closely resembles our body's natural sebum. "Our world is so chemically unbalanced today," Chang notes. "Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and should be treated as one of the most important." ::Raw Beauty