Rats Kicked Off The Spinach Plantations...With Herbicides


Via Monterey County Weekly:- In a desperate attempt to keep virulent strains of E. Coli bacteria away from spinach, farmers are reported to be spraying their field margins and grassed waterways (as pictured) with Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, on the theory that by killing the grasses, a scourge of poopy rats and crappy cattle will be kept away. Someone seems to be forgetting to address the key question: how might rats, or any other mammalian life forms that might visit the spinach fields, come to host virulent strains of E. Coli in their respective guts? One obvious possibility is that they've been hanging around feed lots where maintenance doses of antibiotics are handed out prescription free. And then there's the self defeating aspect of trashing water quality, while increasing flood flow peaks downstream. TreeHugger urges you to read the entire article...and then send in your check for membership in the nearest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Yea, we know. It's winter and locally grown spinach is not to be had outside California and Florida. Popeye had the answer. And it's gonna taste so good when it's in season. Image credit: Aerial photo of grassed waterways in tilled cropland USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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