Rainforest Alliance Partners with North America's Largest Cocoa Processor

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Oh chocolate, how we love you, let us count your names...let's see, there's M&M;'s, chocolate fondue, Mars, Nestle, German Chocolate Cake, Green&Black;'s, Scharfenberger, Death by Chocolate, Chocolate chips, Cadbury's, Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Fudge, Godiva Chocolate and their chocolate dipped strawberries, hot chocolate, chocolate pudding, churros & chocolate, chocolate cake and how could we forget the Hershey's Kiss? Now someone you may not have heard of, Blommer, the largest producer of cocoa in North America, is partnering with the Rainforest Alliance to make all that chocolate a little sweeter.Nearly half of all cocoa in North America is processed by Blommer, which is then distributed to bakeries, confectionaries and the dairy industry, but starting in 2010, they will offer cocoa sourced from farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. Fair trade and workers rights are ongoing issues in cocoa production, and being a Rainforest Alliance certified farm means that farms are held to a higher standard, protecting both workers rights and the environment.

Just last year the sales in certified cocoa rose from $4.7 million to $16.75 million, showing that there is a definite interest in responsible production. Farms that are certified work with the Rainforest Alliance to learn better farming methods to protect the soil and area watershed, making the farm more productive and sustainable in the long term. Making chocolate the sustainable way and helping people out in the process? Now that does have a sweet sound to it:Rainforest Alliance
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