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Jeff Rubin was chief economist of CIBC World Markets until he quit to write a book: Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller. He is always good for a quote, and writes in the Globe and Mail:

Look at Chinese food, for example. Last year, America imported $6-billion worth of food from China--a six-fold increase since 2000. Everything from bok choy to frozen chicken wings is sourced from cheap Chinese farm labor half a world away. But it's bunker fuel that not only moves those chicken wings across the Pacific but keeps them refrigerated as well.

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Jeff Rubin: Peak Oil Will Make Our World A Whole Lot Smaller

Most of Jeff Rubin's predictions need a couple of years added on to them because of the recession dialling back consumption so much, but nothing has really changed; we are still running out of cheap fuel. He concludes:

In a world of cheap oil, your taste buds can easily go global. But with the planet already on the cusp of triple-digit oil prices, your menu will have to change.

Start getting used to local produce, because there'll be a whole lot less Chinese food delivered in the smaller world of the future.

Getting past the Chinese food jokes, the article makes some very good points about the amount of fuel it takes to grow food in North America, noting that energy costs are now over 40% of the cost of growing corn. Worth reading in the Globe and Mail

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