Quote of the Day: Jane Brody on Limiting, Not Depriving


Photo credit: t-bet
At events where food is served buffet style, I start by surveying the entire selection before I get in line to fill my plate. That way, I don’t take everything that is offered. Instead, I end up only with foods I am most likely to enjoy without straying too far from my dietary goals. When salad is among the offerings, I pile it on the plate first, leaving less room for some of the more caloric selections.

Because fruit is usually among the dessert offerings, I eat that first so I have less room and desire for higher-calorie choices.Sit-down dinners can be more of a challenge. They usually start with salad, and I am not shy about requesting dressing on the side and a second serving if one might be available. I tend to eat all of everything I like, including dessert, but I do not waste calories on food that is not very good. I routinely scrape off sauces, remove the skin from chicken and skip stuffings (unless fellow diners say it’s scrumptious).

I do not count calories or make lists of everything I eat each day. In fact, I have no idea how many calories I consume on a typical day. I eat for enjoyment—foods that I like, most of which happen to be good for me, and in quantities that I find satisfying.

Rather than counting calories, I monitor my weight. I step on the scale every morning before breakfast. If I start to gain, I cut back a little on portions. But consistent with my philosophy of limitation, not deprivation, I don’t cut out my treats."

—Jane E. Brody in an Oct. 30, 2007 column in The New York Times