Quite Contrary After School Farm: Car-Free Agricultural Fun

quite contrary after-school farm photo

Image credit: Quite Contrary Farm

From baseball to ballet to drama, I'm always amazed (and somewhat bewildered!) at the array of after-school activities on offer for the modern child. The carbon cost of trucking kids back-and-forth alone must be considerable! But kids in Carrboro, NC can now take advantage of Quite Contrary Urban After School Farm - an after-school program that not only teaches them about food and farming, but it aims to leave the car behind too. This is much more than a petting zoo.I came across a flier for Quite Contrary After School Farm at Johnnies - a local cafe/institution that is itself a huge supporter of local food and crafts to the extent it has its own flock of chickens running around the yard/neighborhood. (Johnnie's will be the venue for the kid's farmers market on the last Saturday of the month.)

Like SEEDS in nearby Durham, NC - Quite Contrary Urban Farm is offering much more than the usual "here are some cute goats" type of farm experience. Local school kids will be picked up by a "walking bus" (you can learn more about walking buses and safe routes to school here) and they can then participate in a wide range of activities - from recycling hunts to farm design to selling the produce from the farm at the farmers market. Etiquette lessons are also included (a welcome addition for the rest of the community!), and kids that are dropped off and picked up car-free even get a discount.

This is my kind of after school program! (Sessions will start the week of September 14th.)

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