Quality of Organic Dairies Ranked by Survey


The New York Times reports that The Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit research group will release a report today that ranks organic milk and dairy products based on federal organic standards as well as environmental and humane concerns. The group asserts that producers selling organic products from cows that live with as many as 6,000 other animals and that seldom see pasture, which fits the definition of a factory farm. There are farms where nonorganic cows are brought in as replacements and where antibiotics and hormones are used. To get at the heart of the producers' actual practices, the institute sent a survey by certified mail to known marketers of organic dairy products in the United States. The survey consisted of 19 questions about the care and feeding of their cows. The Organic Trade Association said it was distressed by the survey. In a statement, the association said that the survey was nonscientific and that it would "only succeed in sowing seeds of distrust in organic farming and organic products." :: Via New York Times