Q&A;: Halloween Candy

Meghan Q. asked "I thought I'd ask you guys about this before Halloween gets any closer. Any idea where a TreeHugger can get some reasonably priced, reasonably healthy Halloween fare? I am googling right now but haven't had any luck." Well Meghan, you were right about this — we had a hard time finding some too so we thought we'd go ahead and make some suggestions for you. Granola bars, trail mixes, yogurt or carob covered raisins are our top rated snacks, plus they come individually packaged so parents don't have to worry either. Other options are peanuts (but this could be risky with nut allergies), organic pretzels, cookies and chips, and all-natural fruit bars. Barbara's Bakery makes Snackimals in single serving bags and Newman's Organics makes some delicious healthy and organic treats, such as Newman O's and Fig Newman Bars, although we're not sure if they come individually wrapped. Just as a side note, if you plan on having a Halloween party, don't forget to support your local farmers by purchasing their pumpkins and apples. Any TreeHugger's out there with other ideas for Meghan?