Pure Fun - Organic Cotton Candy

purefun.jpgStep right up boys and girls! Enjoy the delightful sticky, fluffy, tasty goodness of organic, kosher, vegan, fair-trade cotton candy. Yep, Canadian confectioners Pure FunTM make the sweetest of sweet with air-spun evaporated cane juice and natural fruit and vegetable coloring. Pure Fun believes that candy should be an indulgence, not a dangerous undertaking. Most commercial candy is filled with bizarre and possibly even harmful ingredients. But these candy-makers are creating sweet-treats made without any genetically modified organisms (GMO's), cholesterol, transfats, chemicals, gluten, synthetic flavors or artificial FD&C; colorants. Pure Fun uses only organic sugar cane grown by farmers who "green cut" the cane by hand - field burning and chemical sprays are absolutely forbidden. Their earth-friendly farmers even use crushed cane stalks to fire their boilers and generate electricity. Find Pure Fun at some Whole Foods markets or visit their website to learn more.

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