Pub Food for Children

Providing healthy lunches for school children has been an on-going debate and dilemma in Britain. Jamie Oliver waded into the fray and managed to get the government to up its standards, whilst being pilloried by some mothers who sold chocolate bars to the deprived students through the fences. Students in one third of all secondary schools have rejected healthy school lunches, preferring french fries. But 80% of all elementary schools report that the adoption of school lunches has improved. Of course the little ones don't have any choice, but with food being provided by the likes of the Duke of Cambridge pub, they can consider themselves lucky.

The pub, the first organic gastro-pub in the UK, has teamed up with one local school to create a version of its menu to suit pupils and has also provided the links to the organic food suppliers. The chefs from the pub have taught school cooks how to make stock and mustard vinaigrette as well as fish filleting. Parents are invited to tastings and trial runs are being made with the children before the new school year. As the principal said "We're not trying to be posh, this is not just for middle-class people. Good food is good food". And the menu: butternut squash and pea risotto with pan-friend lentil burgers, rhubarb crumble with cream, or salmon pie with mashed potato topping and steamed savoy cabbage. Where do we sign up? :: The Guardian