Protect Your Sandwich With The Lunch Bugs Anti-theft Lunch Bag


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Three years ago we wrote about the original Anti-Theft Lunch Bag:

TreeHugger promotes healthy diets and frugal living, so taking your organic arugula sandwich on homemade whole-grain beats the KFC any day. But such delicacies are often stolen by people who "accidentally" mix them up with their own bologna on Wonderbread.

But after a while, people are going to catch on to the old moldy bag trick. So we are pleased to present the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bag.
sandwich bag image

The original anti-theft lunch bag

The vendor, Archie McPhee, writes:

Each of these clear plastic bags has a bug printed on it, making anything you put inside look decidedly less appetizing. No one will ever steal your food from the fridge at work again. Also, good for protecting your lunch from bullies at school. Each cardboard box has 24 plastic bags


Found in the Book of Joe.

I should note that commenters were not amused about the original anti-theft lunch bags, noting that they are not very green:

It's a plastic bag. I don't think that preventing lunch theft has anything to do with being green. The better option would be to put your organic sandwich in a reusable lunch wrap and hide it from your thieving coworkers.

They do have a point.

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