Product Review: Ike & Sam's Kettlecorn


Call it love at first crunch—I'm now a new fan of Ike & Sam's all-natural hand-popped gourmet kettlecorn, which manages to satisfy my cravings for something a little decadent, without putting my health or waistline at peril.

The Original flavor contains only four ingredients: popcorn, pure corn oil, sugar, and salt—all you need, really, for decent kettlecorn. Each serving (about three to four large handfuls) contains 80 calories, non trans-fats, no cholesterol, and not enough sodium to even make a blip on the nutritional-facts column. One caveat: With 6 grams of fat, this kettlecorn doesn't count as a low-fat snack. It's low in "bad" saturated fat, however, which weighs in at 0.5 grams.

Manufactured in Brooklyn, Ike & Sam's also come in Crunchy Caramel, Mo' Better Cheddar, and Caramel Cheddar Twist. Proceed with those with more caution. ::Ike & Sam's