Prince Charles Makes Sandwiches


All right, it's not really the queen eating her son's sandwiches, it's Helen Mirren... But the point is that Prince Charles, in his Duchy Originals line, has now come out with a range of sandwiches. Can't you just see him in the kitchen at Highgrove, whipping up a little snack for Camilla for tea, and thinking how nice it would be if we could all eat the same thing... Or maybe he went to Pret a Manger one day and thought that the take-away sandwiches there were so crap that he could do better.

One can pick from smoked mackerel with mayo, english gooseberry dressing and watercress on poppyseed and rye bread, or organic brie cheese with tomatoes and cranberry sauce on multi-grain bread or roast beef or classic cheddar cheese with organic tomato relish. A famous chef did a taste comparison and found them to be better than Pret or Marks & Spencer: now that's royalty. Duchy Originals have gone from weakness (losing money in the beginning) to strength: annual profits rose to more than £1.5 million last year. And all the money goes into a foundation which supports a range of charities that have so far received more than £6 million. So pip pip and eat up. :: Daily Telegraph