Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrush


Parents can get a triple bang for their eco-buck with the latest project from the good people at Recycline, makers of 100% recycled content Preserve toothbrushes, razors and tableware. They've teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation to create the Preserve Jr Endangered Species Toothbrush, an eco-friendly product for children that encourages teachable moments not only about health and brushing, but also about conservation, recycling and wildlife. A portion of the sale from each toothbrush is donated to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to help protect endangered species. To help educate kids about the importance of wildlife conservation, Recycline and NWF are sponsoring "Bring an Endangered Species into the Spotlight", a contest that gives kids a chance to select the next endangered species to be featured on the next series of toothbrushes. (And don't forget the golden rule of eco-brushing - shut the water off while you brush!).