Prego Does Organic

When we featured Ragú’s Organic Sauces a few months back a few of our readers wrote to say that Prego had started doing the same. Well we saw a commercial on TV last night for Prego’s new organic sauces and thought we’d go to their site to check out what they had to say. We have to admit that we were a little disappointed. Unlike Ragú’s campaign, Prego’s is a little more subtle. We liked how Ragú had educational information on their site about organic foods and they did a good job of marketing their newest venture. Prego does have nutrition facts for their two new organic sauces (Organic Mushroom and Organic Tomato & Basil) but that’s about all they can offer. And yet another big company jumps on the organic bandwagon, but our readers seemed to like Ragú’s sauce so we were curious how it stood up to Prego’s. Has anyone taste-tested it by chance? ::Prego