Potato Day Celebrates Biodiversity in the Garden (Video)

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There's no doubt about it, we Brits love potatoes. Lloyd has already marveled at the celebration of "Potato Day", and Bonnie followed up with details on how gardeners across the country gather to marvel at the diverse range of potatoes from around the Globe (over 7000 varieties exist world-wide!). Now, at last, we have video footage of what really goes on at these spud-centric celebrations.Biodiversity in the Garden
Much like Seedy Sunday's massive seed swap, the idea behind Potato Day is not just to celebrate the diversity of varieties available, but to actively promote their use—keeping this diversity as a living, evolving collective treasure. After all, potatoes are a highly nutritious staple in much of the world—with some experts even claiming that an increased consumption of potatoes could help us feed the world.

Food Security in Challenging Times
Perhaps unsurprisingly, given its focus on food security and resilience, the Transition Movement—a community-led response to peak oil and climate change—has embraced the Potato Day and helped it to spread. Below is a video of Potato Day activists in action as part of Transition Stroud's efforts to increase food growing in the community.

It must be my British blood, but even the sight of seed potatoes makes me crave malt vinegar...

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