Pollan VS Mackey Smackdown Fizzles


We tried to watch the University of Berkeley's debate between Michael Pollan and John Mackey, which we thought would be a continuation of the online argument they have been having about the industrialization of organic food. Being in the east, we fell asleep in the middle of Mackey and never got to Pollan. However Berkeley has now posted the video and we watched it, expecting fireworks.

As Website Chewswise points out, debates work best if speakers are on opposing sides, and Mackey has moved quickly to reposition Whole Foods, investing in artisan producers and bringing in more local food. Pollan has also moderated his position, and so it was more of a love-in than a fight. The strongest line from Mackey was "You exaggerated the extent of industrialization of organic, you've done some damage!"

Even without fireworks, definitely worth watching (two hours) while awake at ::University of Berkeley and read more at ::Chewswise

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