The Poetic Insights of a Seaweed Harvester (Video)

We've posted before on the cancer-fighting properties of a seaweed diet. And from the Vegan Black Metal Chef's asparagus tempura sushi to Kelly's soba noodle salad, we've even given some guidance on how to use it. But what we haven't featured yet is how seaweed is harvested.

The Perennial Plate
's latest offering features a visit with Larch Hanson, an artisan seaweed harvester and poet. He takes is on a boat trip along the shores of Maine, and shares some of his poetic insights on life, the ocean, zen and the importance of living with water. I'm sure industrial-scale seaweed harvesting looks a little different than this, but there can be few finer examples of a human making their livelihood from such an intimate and respectful connection with nature and her bounty.

Much like the Perennial Plate's previous haunting video on hunting and eating roadkill in Minnesota, it's a gentle yet arresting portrait that got my Monday off to the right start. Enjoy.

The Perennial Plate Episode 76: Seaweed Man from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

The Poetic Insights of a Seaweed Harvester (Video)
Eating seaweed is healthy, but how is it harvested? For one Maine seaweed harvester, the job is a meditation on life.

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