Plant-based food sales grow 20% in a year

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We've seen research suggesting that reducing meat and dairy consumption is one of the biggest things that we—as individuals—can do for the planet. And according to Plant Based Foods Association, there's ample data to suggest that people are doing just that. Specifically, a custom data set commissioned from Nielsen by the Association suggests impressive growth across all elements of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives in the United States:

• The plant-based milk category is up 9%
• Cow’s milk dollar sales are down 6%
• Plant-based meats grew at 24%, topping $670 million in sales
• Plant-based creamers drew 131%
• Plant-based cheeses are growing at 43%
• Plant-based yogurts are growing at 55%

I recently wrote about how purveyors of old-school meat alternatives are benefiting from the ongoing growth in plant-based and plant-centric eating. And these numbers should certainly encourage both industry veterans and investors in the new 'bleeding edge' of fake meat. (I know, I've used that pun before, but I'm kind of into it.)

Let's just hope people are eating some actual vegetables too. In other news, Business Green now reports that 28% of all Brits now identify as 'meat reducers'.

Plant-based food sales grow 20% in a year
From vegans to flexitarians, our diets are changing.

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