Planet Organic


Planet Organic have a catchy name with which to marketing their range of 25 organic teas, that boast classics like Earl Grey, through to the slightly more esoteric, like Green Chai. (Click their ‘About Tea’ button for a brief explanation of the differences between black, green and white teas.) Sales of the teas throughout Australia and New Zealand have only just encouraged them to expand their line. The first addition I noticed was a collection of thirty or so organic herbs and spices. But in the last couple of years they’ve added all manner of organic goodies. Muesli and porridge, coffee, cocoa, salted soy nut snacks, and tahini sesame spread being just some of the wares available. Slender bottles of cooking and salad oils include, cold pressed Australian olive and macadamia, sunflower, soy and toasted sesame. Vinegars runs to balsamic, apple cider and red wine. Plus there is also a vegetarian mince made from certified organic soya beans. But it’s not only organic agriculture they support, but many of their products carry the Fair Trade seal of approval too. We assume their burgeoning line is evidence of robust growth continuing in the organic industry. ::Planet Organic [not to be confused with a plural version Planet Organics, which is a Northern California organics home delivery service.]