Pizza Crusts for Pooch


It’s been awhile since we gave a nod to our furry friends (okay we admit, Duke needed some treats) and we loved Seattle-based Uneek, maker of dog treats, as soon as we first read about them. We learned that each ingredient is human grade and that they don't use soy, corn, wheat or bi-products - major no-no's for dogs. But the more we read, we also found out that their treats are made from 100% organic ingredients, which include flax seed, oregano, tomato sauce, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, apple chips, peanuts, cinnamon and kamut grain. Sounds dee-lish even to us! Each Pizza Crust, Beagle Bite and Nut Roll is made smaller to help with portion control and can be given to almost every dog, no matter if they have allergies, are overweight or highly active. Not only is the company dedicated to providing organic and high quality treats, but the packaging is made from recycled products. Another initiative worth wagging our tails about: each month Uneek chooses a pet charity and donates 25 cents towards it for every bag of Uneek treats sold. Via ::Ecofabulous ::Uneek