Pig Business Exposes the Grisly Inner Workings of the Pork Industry

grist pig business photo

Image credit: Grist
Pig business is not an easy documentary to watch. First of all, the images of the inner workings of pig farms and slaughterhouses can turn the stomach of even the most steadfast meat-eater. Second, and more significantly, the film has not been—and likely never will be—released in the United States. This means that American viewers are relegated to ingesting the film in 10-minute segments via YouTube.Grist explains:

I watched this film in several 10-minute segments via YouTube...because it hasn't been released in the U.S., primarily due to legal pressure brought upon the director...by the film's main villain, Smithfield Foods...since no U.S. insurer would back the film's release here, it has become essentially a black-market film. Score another one for corporate censorship.

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