Picture worth 1000 Words Dept: Chinese Trawlers


Mike just did a picture of Chinese water yesterday, and now we see this- trawlers vacuuming the bottom of the ocean off the mouth of the Yangtse. We covered shrimp production earlier: ""one of the most destructive means by which humans produce food." Now we see these satellite images that fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly says: "What was not known before was that you could see these mud trails from space. I was flabbergasted by it." and "They lift up huge quantities of mud. Basically the implications are terrifying," said Mr. Pauly. "Trawling is destroying bottom habitat." He continues: "The one from China blew everyone's mind," said Mr. Pauly, who has shared it with his colleagues around the world. "This really shows the impact of trolling is like agriculture on land. There is no chance for wild animals to live there. "All the [ocean] shelves on Earth are being trawled. The damage being done is enormous." ::Globe and Mail and ::Telegraph

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