Picky Eaters More Prone to Allergies

The two key words most closely associated with green eating are local and whole. Local eating is easily defined as food that’s produced close to home and whole foods are minimally processed.

Picky Eaters Prone to Child Allergies

For parents, finding local and whole foods for the kids becomes even more challenging when you’re blessed with picky eaters. And while parents can laugh off picky eating and quell the issue with canned corn and tater tots, it creates a problem both for the child's health and the health of the planet.Not only do picky eaters take a toll on the environment because they tend to choose more processed junk foods, but new research shows that picky eaters are more prone to allergies.The Telegraph reports:
Mothers have traditionally been told to 'cocoon' their youngsters by avoiding high-risk foods during pregnancy and while breastfeeding to protect them from potentially dangerous reactions.But now there is a growing belief that the best way to avoid allergic reactions is to meet the problem head-on and expose children to foods like peanuts in infancy.
By exposing kids to small amounts of suspected food allergens, new research contends that kids could slowly become less allergic.

First Food Exposures

And beyond suspected food allergens, picky eaters are also at risk for not getting enough nutrients from a variety of high quality, local fruits and vegetables. Anni Daulter, author of an excellent read on the subject: Organically Raised, says that it’s how you introduce kids to food that matters.

Daulter explains to get your child to eat the rainbow by exposing your kids to the least sweet vegetables first. By making your own purees with good produce, kids are more likely to eat it. Would you rather eat canned sweet potato puree or fresh?

Too often, we expect kids to be picky eaters and therefore they end up being picky eaters. If you want them to have a wide open palate, you have to show them exciting flavors early on. Give your kids the opportunity to eat the same local, whole foods that you enjoy.

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Picky Eaters More Prone to Allergies
Picky eaters are more likely to be allergies to soy, gluten, peanuts, etc later in life.

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