PETA Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Anyone?

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In a further effort to provide animal-cruelty-free food options to consumers, PETA slapped their logo on a jar of peanut butter to remind eaters that yes, there are well-loved vegan options for lunch. They didn't however, slap their logo on any vegan-friendly bread, the more obvious area where consumers would need help quickly eyeballing options that are animal product-free. What is PETA up to with this new label?Well, it's to celebrate 30 years of animal rights activism. According to Ecorazzi, the PETA Butter is available for $5 a jar, a portion of which goes toward PETA's "Pledge to be Veg" program.

"Peanut butter is used on one of the most popular sandwiches in America--and it's vegan--so PETA Butter was a natural choice," said PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk.

Well, sure. Though finding vegan peanut butter is pretty darn easy. Finding the vegan bread to make your "most popular sandwich in America" requires a lot more label-reading. Maybe they're saving that for the 31st anniversary party.

Well, don't fret -- you can usually find egg and milk-free options in a bakery, or you can use this recipe for vegan quinoa bread or one of the gads of other vegan bread recipes online, and make your own for an all-around animal-free sandwich.

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