PETA Ad Tells the Truth About Factory Farmed Turkey - But NBC Refuses to Run It

Ever the any publicity is good publicity mongers, PETA created this ad and intended to run in on NBC during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. NBC wanted to stats to back up the claims about conditions in factory farms, which were answered by this opinion piece in the New York Times. NBC decided "this commercial does not meet NBC Universal standards" and declined to run it. More info on PETA's blog.

Advice to PETA: Shame & Blame Works With Governments, Less So With People
Perhaps if PETA had set some documentation not running under the 'Opinion' banner in the Times they would've had more luck, even though that opinion was expressed by the director of Slow Food USA, a person who knows a thing or two about food production. Such info is certainly is available from a number of sources, albeit ones less catered to grab mass attention: Not everyone will know who Farm Sanctuary is while the NYT has a certain public caché.

And I do wonder if the goal is to actually get more people to adopt vegan diets if shock tactics during a parade do much or if the ad really was intended to be run rather than being designed just to get rejected and then grab headlines for that instead.

I'm entirely supportive of the message but more often than not I have have to say PETA could use a course in how to get a message across and influence people... and not just drive people away and cultivate the animal rights wacko public impression they've long developed.

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