Permaculture Farming at 9000 Feet (Video)

Tomten Farm permaculture photo

Image credit: Peak Moment

From backyard permaculture in Oregon to exploring upbeat perspectives on Peak Oil with Bart Anderson, Peak Moment TV never fails to provide informative, entertaining and inspiring video of people taking action to fight climate change and prepare for peak oil. Their latest offering is no exception, visiting Tomten Farm in Colorado, and exploring how they manage to grow crops at 9000 feet. The insulated greenhouse is quite something to behold.It's a shame that the farm is not, any more, a commercial production farm, but rather a small demonstration farm. It seems prolonged drought led Kris Holstrom to move away from commercial growing, in favor of a more educational approach. But let's not knock it—growing anything at 9000ft is an impressive feat, and growing in an unheated greenhouse when it is below zero (Fahrenheit, I am presuming) outside, that's bad ass!

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