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Permaculture Activist is a quarterly magazine for permaculture enthusiasts imageHaving written yesterday about Edible Landscaping - a mail order nursery specializing in disease-resistant edible perennials, I took to googling around a little to find out what other resources are out there for under-used useful edible and medicinal plants. In the process I came across this fantastic and comprehensive directory of nurseries and suppliers put together by the good folks at Permaculture Activist. Covering the USA and Canada, the directory is arranged by region and includes links, contact details and a short list of the products available from each supplier. Of course I should mention at this point that Permaculture Activist is much, much more than a directory of suppliers - it's a huge treasure trove of information for anyone looking for alternatives to our current food system. Much like Permaculture Magazine, which I wrote about a while back, but with an unashamedly crunchier feel - Permaculture Activist is a quarterly magazine that covers a whole range of topics from community gardening to alternative energy. The magazine also maintains an online listing of permaculture courses and gatherings for those wanting more hands-on learning experiences, as well as a global networking directory.

Permaculture Activist

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