Permablitz UK: Neighbors Reinvent Backyards (Video)

permablitz uk gardens photo

Image credit: Transition Derby

The idea of near-instant 'permablitz' edible garden creation is an attractive one. When communities come together to grow food we learn so much about ourselves and each other, and we start envisioning ways we can do things differently. The folks at Transition Derby recently got together to thoroughly overhaul a typical backyard into a productive food growing space. And they took the opportunity to connect some dots around industrial agriculture too. True, the talk of the end of industrial culture may not play well with those who see a darker side of Transition Towns, but it seems hard to argue against the fact that our current reliance on fossil fuels to feed and clothe ourselves leaves us incredibly vulnerable to future price shocks and disruption of supply. And the more communities come together to grow at least some of our own foods, the more resilient we will be.

Whether peak oil is now, ten years from now, or thirty years from now, and whether it proves to be the end of life as we know it, or simply a driver for a new, better way of doing things remains to be seen. But I can think of few better ways to prepare for it than getting together with friends and getting your hands dirty. If anyone wants to permablitz my house, they're more than welcome...

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