Peak Organic Brewing Company


Created to toast life's peak experiences, the beers crafted by Peak Organic Brewing Company is a small brewing company dedicated to making delicious beer using the world’s best ingredients. They believe that using barley and hops that are grown without toxic and persistent pesticides and chemical fertilizers makes our beer tastier and more enjoyable, both for you and for the planet. Peak Organics hopes their nut brown ale, pale ale and amber ale will play a part in a peak moment in life; in celebration of the peak moments of your life, fans of their bubbly barley pops are invited to send in a quick description and pic of their peak experience. They select a few submissions and feature them on their website, and occasionally use the most-highly rated experiences/photos on the packaging. There aren't many experiences that aren't enhanced by organic beer, so we hope to see more of their beers soon. ::Peak Organic Brewing Company

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