Pay-as-you-feel restaurant food rescued from dumpsters

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From a cyclist fueling his bike tour with food waste to, errm, another cyclist fueling his bike tour with food waste, dumpster diving appears to be hitting the headlines once again.

That may help the Bristol Skipchen, a new volunteer-run cafe in my former hometown of Bristol, England, which is serving meals made entirely from rescued food—much of it rescued directly from supermarket dumpsters. On the menu are items ranging from pizza to salads to lobster or prawns, depending on the day and the dumpster of course.

In these litigious times, one might worry about lawyers and regulators seizing on hygiene and food safety issues. Indeed, in a recent interview with The Guardian, the cafe's owners acknowledge that what they do is illegal, but argue that they are extremely careful about food safety. They also note that the gross inefficiencies and waste of the industrial food system are a larger moral failing than their own bending of the rules. (I'm surprised nobody brings up the recent European horse meat scandal when it comes to trusting where your food comes from.)

Here's Skipchen chef Dylan Rakhra explaining how it works. (Warning: Be prepared to get VERY close up.)

Pay-as-you-feel restaurant food rescued from dumpsters
The lawyers may be salivating, but Bristol's "Skipchen" believes it can make dumpster diving palatable.

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