Patagonia Gaucha Organic Vegetables' Conserves


If you’re thinking about visiting Argentinean Patagonia, check out this firm’s organic vegetables preserves for gifts. Among their vast variety of products, they offer sweet & sour conserves from sliced cucumber, green tomatoes, sliced beetroot, whole cucumber, onions, and garlic cloves; oil seasoned garlic cloves, sliced aubergine in savory sauce and aubergine snacks in savory sauce; and they also count with some organic fruit preserves from plum, peach, quince, rosehip, elderberry, blackberry & apple, elderberry & apple, and blackberry jam. Preserves from morello, strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, cherry, and cassis & apple are in the menu too. Though it’s not so green to export these, if you’re interested in reselling, check the English version of their website. Also check our featured Cuyen Organic Jams. ::Patagonia Gaucha