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We totally agree that carrying your own tupperware is better than those styrofoam clam shells, and that reusing is important. But what if you are holding a party and don't have 40 sets of tableware? The Eco-Party Pack, by Eco My Party, will come to your rescue. At the end of the party, everything can be thrown in the compost and is 100% biodegrade.

The packs come in sets prepared for 10, 25 or 50 guests. The supplies all come in a recycled cardboard tote and contain: Plates, bowls, cups and food pots sustainably-sourced from sugarcane fiber. "Silverware" is made from sustainably-sourced birch. Napkins are all unbleached, recycled UK waste paper. Packs even contain biodegradable balloons made from fairly traded and FSC-certified sourced rubber. Place-settings are wrapped in compostable bags, and sets are taped with biodegradable packing tape.

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From the website you can even purchase the individual pieces, from more balloons, to more paper butterflies and bunting, drinking straws or colorful bamboo bowls. Eco My Party is based in the UK, but they will ship internationally. For orders placed in the England area, Eco My Party uses Green Parcel, a green courier service. These packs are so eco-friendly that just about all of the evironmental buzz-words apply: biodegradable, compostable, sustainably-sourced, recycled, UK-handmade, organic, fairly traded, and FSC certified. Packs range from £19.99 to £59.99 depending on the number of place-settings.

Though now that we think about it, it might be a nice inter-office challenge to have everyone bring their own supplies to the next office picnic. Just a thought...

Update to article: There is also a US eco-party packaging company Wasteless Living. They sell the biodegradable party packages, but they will also pickup all of the food/biodegradable waste and compost it for you since it won't break down if you just throw it in your trash. For $30 USD, they will pick up one 45 gallon bag of compostables, which should cover a party of up to 75 people.

Prior to your party, you simply contact Wasteless Living telling them the types of food you will serve, the estimated number of guests and whether there will be any recyclables. They then give you an estimate for what they can provide for your party and how much it will cost for drop off and disposal. Just like you would order a catering service, you can also order a disposal service for your fiesta.

This is a woman-owned business, based in the Pasadena/Altadena (Los Angeles) area.

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