Parking Strip Becomes Garden with Free Produce for Neighbors (Video)

haultain common garden photo

Image credit: Peak Moment TV

From backyard permaculture to urban homesteads, we see plenty of people ripping up lawns and trying to grow more food for themselves and their families. But sometimes, it's more about what you can do for others than what you can do for yourself. We've already seen what happens when neighbors remove fences and start gardens, and now we've come across a pair of women who planted up the parking strip in-front of their house with vegetables, and then just invited the neighbors to help themselves. What happened next is quite beautiful.When Rainey Hopewell suggested turning the parking strip infront of the house she shared with Margot Johnston into a vegetable garden for the community, Margot clearly thought she was crazy. But they went ahead anyway, and even chalked messages on the sidewalk to explain which produce was ready for harvest.

Far from becoming a magnet for freeloaders, the gesture has created a sense of community around what has become known as the Haultain Common, and now neighbors and friends come and share the labor, and the produce, with Rainey and Margot. It's inspiring stuff.

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