Paris Report: David Lebovitz on Eating Organic in the City of Light


Curious about eating organic in the world's culinary capital? Here, you can take a delightful trip to the Bio (organic) market, and enjoy witty reflections on eco-eating with David Lebovitz, a Paris transplant who spent years at the forefront of the US's local, organic movement as a pastry chef at Berkeley's Chez Panisse. David's blog provides one of the best vicarious Parisian experiences available. If you're lucky enough to visit, his archives prove gastronomically indispensable, and you can even book a real, live excursion! After reading his celebrated The Great Book of Chocolate (and especially appreciating its emphasis on sustainability), I salivated at the opportunity to take one of David's Chocolate Tours. As a low-impact tourist option, it was a joy riding the metro hiking beautiful Parisian streets to sample the delicacies of one dedicated local artisan after another. David's respect and admiration for daily delights both simple and exquisite translate beyond the realm of food. Shouldn't we all come home from vacation (or finish surveying the daily RSS feed) feeling happy, lucky, and appreciative? :: David Lebovitz (Photo courtesy of David.)