Parducci Wines Wins California's Highest Enviro Award

Parducci Wine Cellars Grey Water System Photo

Don't worry, this pretty water feature is actually all reclaimed water that is going back to irrigate the vineyards. Image via: Parducci Wine Cellars.

If you're looking for a wine this holiday season that will compliment your meal, compliment your enviro-ethics and even work as a conversation piece, look no further than Parducci Wine Cellars. Recent winner of the Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA), this winery is proving not that it might be one of the best, but that it is.The GEELA recognizes Parducci as a company that is not only protecting the environment, but also working to strengthen the economy at the same time; celebrating companies that adhere to and succeed by promoting the triple bottom line. In 2007, Parducci won a GEELA for working to combat climate change and now in 2009 won a 2nd award for "Enhanced Leadership" - an award only available to past winners who have continued their commitments.

Parducci Wine Cellars Wildlife Wetland Area With Herron Photo

Heron sitting in Parducci wildlife wetland area. Image via: Parducci Wine Cellars.
What Makes Parducci so Special?

Parducci Wine Cellars has found a way to recycle 100% of the water used during winemaking and then divert some of that water for irrigation on the vineyard and some for creating a wetland for wildlife on the property. The complex system takes all waste water, aerates it, filters it, uses natural gravity to move it out towards the wetland, where native grasses are used to pull out metals and residual grape sugars. Over 22 animals and birds now call this wetland home, including river otters, hummingbirds, muskrats, geese, barn owls and herons.

The vineyards are all 100% certified organic and are run on 100% renewable energy. The partners at Parducci also created a handbook detailing what makes a winery sustainable to educate others in the industry on the benefits and how to go green.

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