Parducci in the Lead for America's Greenest Winery

Parducci Wine Cellars

Parducci Wine Cellars, America's first carbon-neutral winery, announced on Thursday its conversion to 100 percent solar and wind power. The oldest family-owned winery in Northern California's Medocino County will be supplementing its on-site solar power with Green-e-certified wind energy purchased from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

The annual positive environmental impact of the winery's green power use, according to Parducci, is equivalent to planting 242 acres of trees, or removing 172 cars from the road for a year.

In 2007, Parducci received the Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for its efforts in fighting global warming. Besides purchasing grapes from local family farmers, the company also uses sustainable practices such as synthetic-chemical-free farming, integrated pest management, biodiesel tractors in the vineyards, as well as eco-friendly packaging at the winery. ::Parducci

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