Ostrich Eggs and Other Exotica Hit the Supermarkets

ostrich eggs photo

Photo: B. Alter

Ostrich eggs, giant satsumos, yellow raspberries and $300 potatoes: are we bored yet? All kinds of exotic foods are hitting the supermarkets this summer.

Let's start with the ostrich eggs: they are big and expensive and it takes an hour to boil them. Make them for egg salad sandwiches--be the envy of your co-workers.

The eggs are laid by South African black ostriches on a farm in Lincolnshire. They lay one egg every two days, but only in warm weather. So March to September is peak time for this delicacy.

duck eggs photo

Photo: B. Alter

One egg weighs 3 1/2 pounds and can create an omelette big enough to feed 15 adults.
They have been a big hit: sales are up 16% this summer at Waitrose supermarket. So now the supermarket is onto a good thing and is selling duck, quail, pheasant and rhea (related to the ostrich) and turkey eggs as well.

la bonnotte photo

Photo: planet green

If luxury potatoes at bargain prices are more your thing, then how about La Bonnotte. Originally the world's most expensive potato, selling for £400 a kilo in the UK and $300 a pound in the USA, they are now being grown in Jersey instead of France at the friendly price of £2.65 a kilo.

Curious? Here's how they taste, according to a senior potato buyer : "They have a unique and complex taste that is simply out of this world - as seaweed is added to the soil to enrich their production there is a distinct hint of sea saltiness as well as lemon and an earthy nuttiness."

sat sumo photo

Photo: internationalsupermarketnews
Giant satsumos have also hit. Instead of your normal, puny ones, these weigh in at 12 oz. and are about 6 times the size. And their allure: 'The Satsumo has all the characteristics of a Satsuma but is the size of a small grapefruit - it is easy to peel, deliciously sweet but bigger and better.'

yellow rasp photo

Photo: internationalsupermarketnews

And yellow raspberries: supposedly they have a sweeter taste than the red ones, but they sure look insipid.

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