Organics Booms Down Under


Somehow I missed the Organic Expo, held in Sydney a couple of weekends ago. Last year it was huge. Jam packed. Wall-to-wall visitors. And this year apparently had double the number of exhibitors wanting to showcase their wares. It was also an occasion for the Organic Federation of Australia (OFA) to have their annual gabfest. Their chairman said that the organic industry is one of the few good news stories in agriculture, with some predicting growth figures between 25 and 40%. That's on top of what the government figured to be a $140.7 million AUD market three years ago. The rate of growth reflects similar trends worldwide. For example Mr Andre Leu also observes that US organic dairy farming expanded 477% in the six years to 2003, but still can't keep up with demand, citing the example of the UK, where there'll be a 30% shortfall of organic milk this year. If you want to keep abreast of what is breaking ground organic-wise in the Oceania Pacific region, then you might want to direct your keyboard and mouse to seek out the .....Journal of Organic Systems. It's a brand new, free, online document, where "Researchers and practitioners of 'organic approaches' can publish their findings and ideas. These may relate to the design and management of production systems, their problem-proofing and problem solving, produce handling and marketing, policy issues and associated organisational and technological issues, and supportive approaches to education, research and development." Via ::Border Mail