Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies Good to Every Last Crumb

Organica Deluxe ginger cookies photo

Photo credit: Organica Deluxe

Ethics, schmetics, if you send me something tasty in the mail, preferably something of the sweet or chocolatey variety, you get moved right to the top of my posting queue. So it is with unabashed delight—and, trust me, most unfettered enthusiasm—that I tell you that Organica Deluxe's Ginger Cookies are worth breaking out the sledgehammers and smashing those piggy banks into porcelain-porcine oblivion for.

Based in Charlotte, N.C., Organica Deluxe puts together eco-friendly luxury gifts, which are gorgeously packaged in its signature aqua box. You can purchase pre-assembled gift baskets, like a pairing of Circus Russian cut roses with organic chocolate truffles or an assortment of organic cashews, almonds, and dark chocolate, or buy individual items à la carte.

But it's the cookies, those decadent, decadent cookies, which I received along with a dozen equally toothsome salted caramels, that make my taste buds sing. Infused with organic ginger and molasses—and topped with a generous sprinkling of glittering sugar—the oversize confections are lusciously moist and tantalizing piquant. Was it love at first bite? Let's just say I had to hold back the temptation to give the company a ring to insist that the cookies mysteriously vanished en route from the post office.

A girl, after all, has to have her principles.

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