Organic Wildlife Coffee

It seems that every day there is another coffee-with-a-cause coming out. It's easy to get cynical, but you gotta try to remember the reason. Coffee prices on the world market have crashed due to local politics, world market, overproduction, etc. and the $10/pound coffee that you buy tends to send no more than fifty cents back to the farmers. The problem is pervasive in all coffee growing regions in that narrow subtropical belt around the world.

It's worth mentioning them all. Trust me, it's not a scam. The scam is on the coffee growers...Wildlife Organic Coffee from the World Conservation Society is all about Papau New Guinea where about 70% of the population are still dependent on subsistence agriculture. Villagers get a fair price for their coffee (actually, an especially fair price because it is Organic). The profit also goes toward protecting the rainforest and the rare animals that live there (see long-beaked echidna, above). Now here's the best part:

Part of the profit goes to support young biologists and ecologist from PNG through the Wildlife Conservation Society's PNG program. The program is training Papua New Guineans to do scientific research in a way that will allow them to enter Masters and PhD programs in Australia, the US, and New Zealand. It is a good program.

It's nice to see sustainability working on so many levels.

To be honest, I haven't tried the coffee and there's no review yet on But word has it that PNG coffee, according to Roast magazine "is a fine, sweet-tasting coffee with good body which leaves a pleasant aftertaste".

Do it for the echidna.
[by Tamara Holt]

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