Organic Watchdog Group Files a Complaint With the USDA Against Target


photo: J Novak

In response to what the Cornucopia Institute calls a continual blurring of the line between organic and all natural, last week they filed a complaint against Target with the USDA. Last week the Cornucopia Institute filed formal complaints with the USDA against Target. They accused the mega-chain of misleading consumers into thinking that Silk Soymilk was organic when in fact last year Dean Foods, Silk's manufacturer, shifted away from producing all organic products. The complaint revolved around an ad that pictured Silk Soymilk with an organic label on its carton. While the product was once organic, recently they started using conventional soybeans in their products.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the public is confused about the differences between all natural and organic. This makes consumers unsure as to why they are paying more for a product when in reality "all natural" products are not regulated by the USDA and can come with chemical residues not present in organic products.

Jeff wrote that the Cornucopia Institute filed a complaint with the USDA alleging that retail giant Wal-Mart had mislabeled non-organic products as organic in US stores in 2007.

"Wal-Mart did indeed clean up its act, as we expect Target to do, but it should not take the judicious oversight of an industry watchdog to cause these giant corporations to comply with the law, said Will Fantle, research director for Cornucopia.

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