Organic To Go; Lazy Way To Eat Organic

Let’s face it, I’m lazy. If you are anything like me but want to eat organic healthy food then here is some good news from tipster Michele - Organic To Go (OTG) has opened up stores in Washington and California and they have their eyeballs fixed firmly on expansion of this wonderful idea. OTG provides an all inclusive, guaranteed, organic food service/restaurant; they deliver, they cater, they make tasty food. (Thanks to our savvy readers we now have made this a TH AlMOSTS- check out comments for details!) Organic To Go is based in Issaquah Washington, and has created a business model out of organizing good food, good chefs, and good service with an organic edge. While I wish they would include a sustainability or green certification for their cars, and perhaps even try to use only sustainable agriculture, I’m still confining my choices of where I live in the future to where they have stores. Their mission in bullet points on their website as it stands now;

• To Proudly Serve Delicious Food
• To Provide Convenient Retail and Delivery Locations - So You Can Get Wholesome Food When and Where You Want It
• To Create a Menu Using the Finest Organic ingredients Whenever Possible, but Always Natural and Free of Harmful Additives

I’m happy to see some organic, tasty fast food from local sources and cooking talent. I think this movement could fit in well with the rapid expansion of farmers markets, and the growing number of Treehuggers out there looking for a bite to eat. ::Organic To Go