Organic Paprika at Falls Brook Organic Farm

While reading through one of my favorite sections of the New York Times yesterday I came across a small blurb titled "Paprika With a Vintage and a Waiting List." Paprika, with its vibrant aroma, adds such a delicious and distinct taste to spreads, appetizers and dishes like goulash. As I read the article further, I realized that it was about Falls Brook Organic Farm, located in my hometown of Connecticut. At the farm, they sell 100% organic produce, bread, eggs and honey (just to name a few items) in addition to their wonderful spices. Apparently they are known for their paprika, as this year's crop is already sold out, but you can add your name to their list for next year's harvest. Visitors are welcome to tour their greenhouses and farm and their vegetables and herbs can be picked to order. Looks like I have one more thing to add to my list when I go home for Thanksgiving. Via ::New York Times ::Falls Brook Organic Farm