Organic Nation TV Finishes East Coast Tour

Organic Nation TV host Dorothee Royal-Hedinger and camera man Mark Andrew Boyer have been traveling the country visiting sustainable farmers and providers, and getting a sense of the "sustainable food landscape." Organic Nation TV just completed their east coast tour. The tour started in New York City and went to Darien, Conn.; New Haven, Conn.; Boston, Mass.; Portland, Maine; Unity, Maine; Burlington, Vt; and Waitsfield, Vt, to name a few. Before this, they completed a west coast tour and midwest tour. See where Organic Nation TV has already been. Organic Nation TV is found on Changents, a social networking site for environmental and other activists.

Organic Nation TV Tour
Dorothee and Mark visited organic farmers and providers along the way learning how small farmers get started, how they get the financing to buy equipment, and whether they own the land that they farm on. She learned about green house gardening and how that's becoming a means for small farmers to produce sustainable foods year round.

Dorothee visited the first certified organic roof top garden located in Chicago on top of Uncommon Grounds restaurant to see how urban environments are growing local produce. The garden is all grown in 12 inches of soil which isn't a lot, but it's enough for most plants. They also do planting in earth boxes, which irrigates the soil through a reservoir in the bottom of the planter, so they use half of the water.

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